The reasoning behind the madness!

The reasoning behind the madness!

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UPDATE! 25 Oct 2010

It is with great sadness that I write this update. On the 25th October 2010 my little sister sadly passed away at the age of 31. She had bravely battled MND for 11 years. She had never given up and had achieved to much even after developing MND, winning the Open University award for achievement to gaining a degree. She will be greatly missed and will for ever be in our thoughts. Love you sis :D

Well where to start, it was all originally done as I was carry to much weight and wanted to loose it. Which I am sure it most peoples story begins, however after loosing the weight I actually started to enjoy running outside. Joined some forums (BCTTT & Runners World), there inspiration and helpfullness has helped me a lot. Now I am also swimming and commuting a couple of times a week to work on my bike! Now since 2011 I accomplished more than I thought I ever would or could. From 5k runs to an Ironman in 2014 and The Outlaw in 2015. In 2016 I am going down a different route, I will be trying Ultra's as you can see from my events I have already entered 3 so far. Now I thought wait a minute I need to have one more motivation and that people is my sister Emma. Since the age of 20 she was very unfortunate and developed MND (Motor Neurone Disease), she is now 31 years of Age. Her health has deteriatated over the years and we nearly lost her last year. My mum had to give up her work and become a full time carer for my sister and my dad takes over the duties when he comes home from work. All the races I do will be in aid of my sister and all money raised will be donated to MND to help raise awareness and research in the disease. Thanks for all your help and enjoy my training blog,

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Tour Of Clydeside

This was a new kind of race for me. This was to be a 5 consecutive day race. The distances were small (eg the longest was to be 10km). But you could put a lot of effort into each race with virtually no rest inbetween. The locations were different each night. You could just sign up for individual races but I wanted to do them all :D.

Monday 1st August (Kilbarchan Klassic 5 miles)

Took me a while to find the place. On route I stopped off at Yvonne's mum to wish her a happy birthday (Yvonne and the kids were there already). Then switched on the Sat Nav and went in search of the park. Was not to difficult to find met up with the rest of the people I knew. Warmed up and headed to the start line.

This was to be an out and back race, it was as flat a race as you could get. As I usually do, I set off way to fast forgetting I had another 4 days of racing in different terrains. It was a very warm night, should of brought some water with me (yes there was water at the end but at the start......) I kept pace with Alan, Peter and Susan. By about mile 3 I could feel myself start to slow down (maybe in was just my perception) Alan as he usually does picked the pace up in the last mile and was gone. I finished about 15 seconds or so behind him. I was beat I was hoping that it would not get any warmer as for the rest of the week or I could see me not lasting. The course was okay. Simple out and back you did run along side the loch but even some of that you did not see.

Finished in 34:50

Tuesday 2nd August (Garscube Gallop 4 miles, well I did)

This time I was going to a place near where I work so there was no rush. This was to be a trail race. Was looking forward to this. I arrived in plenty of time, just as well as I parked in the wrong place and had a bit of a walk to do. We were given directions and that we were to do 3 laps. Fair enough.

So off I went a little more conservative that I did the previous night. Felt good after the first mile and upped my pace slightly and was doing really good. It was muddy but not slippery. Was loving it all, until one thing happened. I did 3 laps and told the marshals I have done 3 laps but they sent me around to do another lap. Got about 500 metres in to the lap when one of my friends who was marshaling said to me that I should not be here and to head back. I did, said to the same marshals and they said "Oh you should of went down the other hill to the finish line, so off I jogged and of course very disgruntled. Everyone that I had passed on the run had of course finished before me, I was now down the leaderboard grrrrrrr.

Finished in 35:13

Wednesday 3rd August (Canal Canter 5 miles)

This was another out and back run along to the canal in Clydebank. Not as many people turned up for this one as the previous 2 nights. But this kind of racing was interesting. This was the "HUMP" day get over this one and you have passed half way and it is all down hill from there.......err maybe.

By now I had a goal a target there was 2 people I was wanting to see if I could beat over the series David and Alan. We were close together in the leaderboard. Well Alan was 2 minutes ahead of me due to Tuesdays mishap but that was about to change as due to traffic he turned up late. Which is a shame as I am sure the contest would of been a lot closer.

Tonight it was raining, but at least it kept me cool. Tonight I was going to put the bad of the  night before behind me and get more determined. I kept to a fairly solid pace throughout the run and kept my eye on the goal. I had my own race in my head, my virtual partner was the person in front. By the time I had reach the end my calf's were brick hard. I need to stretch every part of my legs of for about 10 minutes. Fluids was the main key, as I knew in bed if I did not I would get cramp.

Actually really enjoyed this race more than I thought. Even though it was and out and back the idea of running along side a canal made it more enjoyable and quick. Even though my time was not.

Finshed in 36:12

Thursday 4th August (Mugdock Park just over 4 miles)

Another trail race. Have to say by far this is the best course. It had everything, even had to dodge the cows. My legs were starting to feel the rest of the week now. Do not think I have had so many effort runs in one week. Usually just in one go. The weather turned out to be not to bad. The course was pretty self explanatory. There were marshals on the course to help and at least this time I knew where I was to turn off and head back to the start (after 2 laps). I got it right on the night. I seem to be enjoying the trail running more than the actual road running at present. I finished ahead of Alan and David. So that was a bonus. Only downside was I was knackered with still one race left.

Friday 5th August (Bella 10k)

The last night and my legs and me were sore. I was not sure how or even if I would finish the race. Surely I was not the only one to feel like this? Come on I have done Ultra Marathons further than this in total over the week. However though as said previously this is a different kind of racing. Effort on a 5 day consecutively. On different terrains.

Lets get the head in the game, this is the last race. No more after this (well in the series). 2 loops. Yes I can still count.

We were off, Kept up with Alan for the first mile and then he started to gain ground on me. I kept o the same pace as David, but he was needing to beat me by about 20 seconds. After the first lap I actually started to feel good. My leg muscles had eased a lot, tried to up my pace. Eventually I overtook David and by the last mile I could see Alan. I decided that was going to be my goal. See if I could catch up to Alan. So It was time to really push myself (I really should of used a heart rate monitor as that would of been interesting) I started to gain on Alan quickly with about 300 metres to go I was right behind him, I proceeded to overtake him and go for it in the last 200 metres. I finished just in front of Alan ( 1 or 2 seconds).

Really pleased with my attitude towards this race and thanks to everyone Alan, Peter, Susan and David. For maybe not knowing but pushing me that bit more than I would myself.

Will be doing this again next year.

The food at the end was worth it alone :D.

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