The reasoning behind the madness!

The reasoning behind the madness!

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UPDATE! 25 Oct 2010

It is with great sadness that I write this update. On the 25th October 2010 my little sister sadly passed away at the age of 31. She had bravely battled MND for 11 years. She had never given up and had achieved to much even after developing MND, winning the Open University award for achievement to gaining a degree. She will be greatly missed and will for ever be in our thoughts. Love you sis :D

Well where to start, it was all originally done as I was carry to much weight and wanted to loose it. Which I am sure it most peoples story begins, however after loosing the weight I actually started to enjoy running outside. Joined some forums (BCTTT & Runners World), there inspiration and helpfullness has helped me a lot. Now I am also swimming and commuting a couple of times a week to work on my bike! Now since 2011 I accomplished more than I thought I ever would or could. From 5k runs to an Ironman in 2014 and The Outlaw in 2015. In 2016 I am going down a different route, I will be trying Ultra's as you can see from my events I have already entered 3 so far. Now I thought wait a minute I need to have one more motivation and that people is my sister Emma. Since the age of 20 she was very unfortunate and developed MND (Motor Neurone Disease), she is now 31 years of Age. Her health has deteriatated over the years and we nearly lost her last year. My mum had to give up her work and become a full time carer for my sister and my dad takes over the duties when he comes home from work. All the races I do will be in aid of my sister and all money raised will be donated to MND to help raise awareness and research in the disease. Thanks for all your help and enjoy my training blog,

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I did a marathon as part of training................

Decided as part of my training for the D33 I would run a marathon, since when have a started to think and do running a marathon is actually known as a training run. So times have changed.

The weather was grim, I have never endured that kind of weather on any training or even race which I hope I never have to again. I wrapped up for the weather got my waterproof jacket on etc etc. Took my phone incase of an emergency (which was a waste of time).

Felt good at the start kept an eye on my pacing did not want to go faster than 8:30 minute miles. Which with the weather I did not think would be an issue. Never saw a single runner out there, oooh it was 7am.  By the time I had reached 15 miles I had endured gale force winds, snow, rain and of course hail stones. I was weighed down with how wet my clothes were (should of worn my other trainers). I was freezing at least I knew I was heading home, got some shelter under some trees to see if I have any messages from Yvonne..........yup my phone in my waterproof jacket was soaking BOOM phone ruined. Just wanted to get home for a warm shower, coffee and maybe even a roll and sausage...................I am now starving writing this.

Passed a few cyclists going the other way that were also braving the weather. The back roads to Strathaven by this point were looking like there were going to flood. I was not caring I just ran through the puddles, well I was not going to get any wetter than I already was. My legs by the 21 mile make were feeling heavy and tired. I have not run this kind of distance for a while . My nutrition was just over 3/4 finished (Tailwind). The only saving grace was that I it was mostly downhill back to base. Come to think of it not sure if that is good or not having to stop myself from going to fast and falling on my face.

By the time I had it to 26.2 miles I stopped the watch and looked at the 2 times, yes 2 times. I had to stop the watch a couple of times to check phones etc. Both times though to my surprise were sub 4hrs. I ran my fastest ever marathon time in a training run in deplorable weather conditions. I was chuffed with myself but I was more interested in thawing myself out which I promptly did when I got home.

Showered and then got my compression on then headed out for lunch with the family.

I am still in complete surprise with my time and more importantly my recovery. In 2011 when I did my first marathon @ Edinburgh I struggled to finish but determination and mind set I finished. I could not walk the next day and it took over a week before I could do pretty much anything. This proves that if you have determination and people supporting and helping you anything is possible.

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